Saturday, May 5, 2007

Finally a drafted design!

We had a lot of ideas for t-shirt designs during the past few days and now we're glad to say that we already made up a design.
Now, we're looking for reasonable tee printing shop that can cater our demand.
Stay tune for our 1st product by ed n merv.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Kick-Start


This is the word that inspired the opening of this blog. Why blogging? Well, blogging is 1 good way to start earning a little bit of bucks by posting whatever you like (maybe). However, to us, the idea of blogging is not to earn that cash, but for another motive. This blog will be the place where we, ed n merv, will share our steps n paths towards entrepreneurship. This will be the place to share the ups n downs n hurdles in our young (perhaps noob!) business.

The ideology of entrepreneurship started two days back when we're empty chatting about the prospect of doing small businesses in the young age. It seemed that our chat developed into serious talk when we decided to try to venture in a new business. We thought that the venture would be lucrative if it could be realised. We kept imagining about developing the business and one day, we'd be millionaire!!

The reality is...
we are miles n miles away from what we had imagined. If it's that easy, everybody would be millionaires. The reality does not fade our hopes n dreams.

Being a student at this moment, we're still lack of experience although we have a lot of fresh creative ideas. Therefore, through this blog, we will jot down important events n happenings throughout our journey to entrepreneurship and share with friends.

Besides our story, watch out for our upcoming product. We are looking forward supports from you in achieving our dreams!

Thank you.
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